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When we choose to lead from the inside out, leadership is not just something we do, it is the way we live. It is a commitment we practice every day. A responsibility to be our best selves and to engage and empower others to do the same. A pledge to contribute, in whatever way we are called, to build a better world.

Check out the voices of leaders who inspire us to move forward in the mutual endeavor of revitalizing the art of human leadership for a better Richmond...a better world.

Millenials and the MDGs

Posted by Art Raymond 1 Comments

The Millenials and the Millennium Development Goals

The year 2015 seems like a long way off. In that year, Richmond will host the World Road Cycling Championships, and in essence, we will bring the world to Richmond with the top male and female cyclists from around the globe. This event...

Gracious Giving

Posted by Rebecca Shigley 1 Comments

I was recently asked what color I would describe myself and for the last couple of days, I would be "orange." Some of the obvious feelings of fall & my favorite season, however, I am also orange for the deep warmth inside my body. This week, has proved to be one of those week where my...

My First Grading Period

Posted by Rebecca Shigley 1 Comments

With school in session and life returning to "normal", I took this morning as a time to reflect on the first week of school. No, I am not taking any classes, nor am I a teacher. However, I am a mom of two school age children. I finished the prior school year feeling like the tasmanian devil...


Posted by Alicia Farrell 1 Comments

This morning I walked to 7-11 for a cup of coffee. The empty streets and vacant buildings are a stark contrast from the lively atmosphere of NYC, where I spent most of the weekend. Sidewalks lined by busy shops and restaurants leading to intersections sprinkled with people. No doubt the greatest...

Curiosity Defeats Skepticism and I Win

Posted by Alicia Farrell Share Your Voice

It took less than three minutes for skepticism to take over and decide that i.e. rva was a joke. I scanned the website and quickly compiled a list of reasons why this was anything but a collaborative community, including a mysterious vibe about the organization’s purpose, a lack of information...

Balance in a World of Extremes

Posted by Art Raymond Share Your Voice

We really do live in a world of extremes. If we look at what is reported on the news, we see that if you disagree with the left, then you are a right wing Conservative fanatic. If you disagree with the right, then you are un-American. Similarly, if you go to church, some think that you must be...

I am a ....

Posted by Rebecca Shigley 1 Comments

I am a healthy, whole, beautiful being ....but sometimes I forget that.

when I get in a rut and don't workout for awhile;

when I put my kids' needs before my own;

when work gets the best of me;

when I forget to stop; just stop, and breathe;

when I forget to get outside and...

Sure I Can....

Posted by Rebecca Shigley 1 Comments

My last 5 months have been filled of countless "sure I can" statements ... sure I can be the chair of your organization, sure I can teach your class for you, sure I can go to Target on the way to work, and the list goes on and on. We all are busy, dedicated, and helping people (I hope), however,...

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