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My last 5 months have been filled of countless "sure I can" statements ... sure I can be the chair of your organization, sure I can teach your class for you, sure I can go to Target on the way to work, and the list goes on and on. We all are busy, dedicated, and helping people (I hope), however, at what point does all this "helping" start being "hurtful". Helping an organization, meanwhile "hurting" my family time? "Helping" a coworker with a deadline, however, "hurting" my gym time, etc. I live in a great community where the opportunity to help & serve is in abundence, however, that is not always a good thing (especially for someone like me!) Yes, I like to help people & feel needed - I will admit that. But now that I am able to breathe after a 5 month roller coaster ride, I need to figure out my helping vs. hurting ratio. It got completely out of whack only to leave me feeling tired & a tad discouraged. Yes, amazing things have happened for many communities and I have been humbled beyond belief ... but have I "hurt" me in the process?? So, first step in switching the ratio is to begin by saying "sure, I can help me". For those of you who know me ... we will see how this goes!



Nicki P. said:

Ahh the polarity of giving and receiving, me and other, being and doing. Noticing when we are off balance is the first step to creating the life we want. So glad to be traveling with you on this human journey!

06/13/2011 at 11:36 am

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