Gracious Giving

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I was recently asked what color I would describe myself and for the last couple of days, I would be "orange." Some of the obvious feelings of fall & my favorite season, however, I am also orange for the deep warmth inside my body. This week, has proved to be one of those week where my exterior world is upside down and spinning out of control, but my inner world is strong, grounded, and warm.
On three seperate occasions this week, I was warmed by gracious giving. Gracious and unsolicited giving. There is the giving where you ask people & they do it - either because they want to or because they feel like they "should". This week, the giving was unsolicited and completely heartfelt. Just in my little circle of life, there were three great stories and they all happened to fall in the same week. One of those weeks, where I had the feeling of "build it & they will come" or perhaps "everything is going to be ok".
Gracious Giving #1: My family is deeply involved with Nothing But Nets, an organization that provides anti-malaria nets to families in need. On Wednesday, I get an email that a $5,000 check was added to our account! That equates to 500 families receiving a net for 5 years... I was speechless. Unsolicited - just because.
Gracious Giving #2: In the carpool line for school, I received a ziplock bag of $15.63 from a third grade girl. She had heard of a mutual friend fundraising for an upcoming marathon, so she wanted to give the money to him and his charity of choice. The bag was filled with coins and a good luck note explaining that she had been saving her money this summer & was waiting for a good charity to donate to. Ahh.
Gracious Giving #3: On Friday morning, my girls were getting their bags ready for school. My eldest daughter got out the sandwich supplies and started making a sandwich. I explained to her that her sandwich was already made. She said, "I know. This is for the lady that we see on the side of the road." She then started to make a sandwich and pack up two bananas to deliver to her. We finished getting ready for the morning and on the way to school, we parked the car and delivered the food. The lady, Wendy, was beyond appreciative and my girls got to meet her and her dog. We see Wendy almost every day, however, today my daughter decided to notice her & act.
By mid-morning on Friday, I am overflowing with warmth and tears. I don't know if there is a gracious giving act that I am more "proud" of - each of them beautiful in their own right. All of the givers did what they could & wanted to do. Build the foundation .... they will come.



Nicki P. said:

oh.... i'm speechless. You built it, sister... and they will continue to come (I'm already there)!

10/09/2011 at 01:08 pm

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