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I am a healthy, whole, beautiful being ....but sometimes I forget that.

when I get in a rut and don't workout for awhile;

when I put my kids' needs before my own;

when work gets the best of me;

when I forget to stop; just stop, and breathe;

when I forget to get outside and marvel in all the beauty around me;

when I put a clean, perfect house over having friends over;

when I'm running around thinking everyone needs me (except me)

when I ignore that little voice inside me that's usually right;

when I don't make time for myself.

I need a place to unwind, unravel, relax, be, get grounded, get inspired, take care of myself, slow down, breathe, and remember ... I am a healthy, whole, beautiful being.

(excerpt taken from Root - Whole Body)



Nicki P. said:

I've been living a liberating mantra the last couple days, inspired by the June 8 reading in The Book of Awakening--
I am a tree in the valley of it all.
Praise and blame.
Gain and loss.
Pleasure and sorrow.
None of it is mine... it only passes through me.

Breathing with you, Rebecca. You are beautiful.

06/09/2011 at 07:25 am

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