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This morning I walked to 7-11 for a cup of coffee. The empty streets and vacant buildings are a stark contrast from the lively atmosphere of NYC, where I spent most of the weekend. Sidewalks lined by busy shops and restaurants leading to intersections sprinkled with people. No doubt the greatest concentration of human life this small town girl has ever seen.

The occasional car passes by and a couple of painters carry supplies into the Jefferson Hotel, otherwise I am alone on my walk down Main Street this humid morning in Richmond. In that moment, it was clear that Richmond teeters between being a has-been and bursting with possibility.

Typically being in a place with potential excites me, yet this morning I struggle to find energy for it even after I’ve had my coffee. How different would my life be if I lived in a place that is thriving, instead of in a place simply surviving?

A fantasy world flashes to mind where I’m intoxicated with life and I can’t hide my happiness as I rush to and from an exciting job, trendy cafes, book readings, plays and boutiques in neighborhoods so well defined by their unique character they might as well be different cities.

Taking a deep breath and exhaling to release this vision, I am startled to realize this thriving world I dream of has as much to do with my internal being as it does with my external surroundings. The ability to subway across town, pick a different restaurant each night of the week for entire year, and be surrounded by the success of others manifested in business and art will never quiet my internal city that seems to teeter between being a has-been and bursting with possibility.



Kelly L. said:

Alicia - what a beautiful vision to be sitting in! I wonder what would happen if you unleashed your internal city that is bursting with possibility on the external city that appears to be simply surviving?

07/23/2011 at 12:06 pm

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