Practice Makes Better ....

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Last night I returned home from a humbling cycling workout feeling deflated and defeated. This was a workout where I was the student, not the teacher, and I quickly realized that I had become too comfortable with my own routine – and perhaps, hibernated a bit too much this winter! So, as I was having a very negative conversation with myself, my 8 year old daughter asked me if I wanted to go for a run with her. “NO!!!, I don’t want to go for a run with you” was what I was screaming in my head. It is 7:15 at night, it is 38 degrees, and I might as well hang up my sports bra. But instead, I said “sure”. So, off we went. This is a new “interest” for Taylor, so we chatted and strolled through the neighborhood and with each step she talked more, and more, and more. With each block, I was realizing that this had nothing to do with the actual run for Taylor, but the opportunity to do something with me – something that she knew I was interested in.
As the run progressed, I applauded Taylor for still keeping a steady pace and not doing the sprint/walk/cry combo she is used to. So, as our hands were frozen and we could see our breath marks, Taylor said “practice makes better AND sometimes perfect.” There it is folks. Practice Makes Better. I am probably not going to be the perfect cyclist, runner, teacher, mother, wife, leader, boss, person (insert your own title), however, I can be a better one. How???? By practicing my intent. Plain and simple; life lessons by an 8 year old.



Kelly L. said:

Now I know why they call 8 year olds "The Buddhas of their time". What a wise young lady you have Rebecca! And I love the notion of practice makes better. I relate my leadership practice to my yoga practice all the time - everyday is different and what I did yesterday I might not be able to do today and what I do tomorrow might amaze me! So I keep trying. Here is to being better:)

02/24/2011 at 01:59 am

Nicki P. said:

We are so in sync, my friend. My morning mantra of late is "be better." so simple--so liberating. thank you, sweet taylor, for enlightening your mama so she could share with the world!

02/24/2011 at 12:21 pm

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