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When we choose to lead from the inside out, leadership is not just something we do, it is the way we live. It is a commitment we practice every day. A responsibility to be our best selves and to engage and empower others to do the same. A pledge to contribute, in whatever way we are called, to build a better world.


Posted by Kelly Lewis 2 Comments

I was working with a group of organizational leaders on Tuesday on how to create cultures of accountability. One of their challenges was to share the declaration (an explicit statement) that they were ready to make for themselves and for their organization. After hearing 12 powerful voices...

Liberty Man

Posted by Nicki Peasley 1 Comments

“Liberty Man” is the highlight of my afternoon car pool routine (next to the joy of transporting 7 tired children from school, of course :)). At the corner of Meadow and Broad, stands an urban vision. Wearing a Statue of Liberty costume, a sign advertising tax services, and the most authentic...

Hard Work and Happiness

Posted by Kelly Lewis Share Your Voice

A leader in one of our current programs shared this quote by Gail McMeekin with me last week, "Happy, contented people make conscious, careful choices about their life focuses that endorse their individual values."

It sounds so easy yet requires hard work and discipline to do. I wanted to...

Let it shine

Posted by Kelly Lewis Share Your Voice

Wow...did I have the opportunity to witness leadership this week! Our Leaders as Learners group was over at Moody on Tuesday for a day of practicing leadership while in service to their 6th graders. The topic this week was "What lights you up?". A topic that Peter Benson describes as one's...

Practice Makes Better ....

Posted by Rebecca Shigley 2 Comments

Last night I returned home from a humbling cycling workout feeling deflated and defeated. This was a workout where I was the student, not the teacher, and I quickly realized that I had become too comfortable with my own routine – and perhaps, hibernated a bit too much this winter! So, as I was...

Even Nothing Is Something

Posted by Art Raymond 2 Comments

This is an email that was sent to the faculty at Moody. You can read the story at the end with several contexts in mind. For example, you can read it with the events in north Africa and the Middle East as your lense. Feel free to share the story with others. It came to me by way of my...

Enjoying It

Posted by Whitney Forstner 1 Comments

This time of year I start to get really excited for warm weather, longer days and an overall sense of rebirth. However, I also find this time of year completely overwhelming. I am rushing through the days, taking children to birthday parties and playgroups while constantly checking my blackberry...

Another piece to the equation

Posted by Kelly Lewis 2 Comments

While at a retreat this past weekend, I discovered another piece to my leadership equation (Vulnerability Patience Trust = Wholehearted leading..living..learning) that is necessary for me to be completely free to be and bring all of me to my work and life. My new piece is Forgiveness (of...

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