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When we choose to lead from the inside out, leadership is not just something we do, it is the way we live. It is a commitment we practice every day. A responsibility to be our best selves and to engage and empower others to do the same. A pledge to contribute, in whatever way we are called, to build a better world.

The beauty of leadership

Posted by Kelly Lewis Share Your Voice

The work we do gives me the honor of being surrounded by amazing leaders - this week those leaders were our Leaders as Learners class on Tuesday and my Georgetown students Wednesday and Thursday. And this week I can say I have witnessed leadership in action. "What is it that I am actually...

Being with "ONE"

Posted by Kelly Lewis Share Your Voice

I have been working on a challenge that Ann shared when telling us about one of her own leadership practices. Ann has been chosing one word for the last 6 (maybe 8...keep me honest Ann) years with her coach as a way to simultaneously focus and expand her ability to notice, practice, and...

The roles we play and the stereotypes they bring

Posted by Kelly Lewis Share Your Voice

After this week's session, I was curious for myself and for you, "How the roles we play and the expectations that come with those roles act like stereotypes? And, what if those roles require only a piece of what we have to offer...what do we actually bring - what's been asked of us or do we...

The best part of me

Posted by Alicia Farrell Share Your Voice

After yesterday's session of talking about stereotypes vs. characteristics with our 6th grade friends at Moody Middle School, Kelly posed this question to us:

How do the roles we play and the expectations that come with those roles act like stereotypes?  And, what if those roles require only a...

The grip of expectations and the power of intentions

Posted by Kelly Lewis Share Your Voice

"What has been up for me this week?"...the question I am asking myself at the moment. And it seems as though the distinction between wanting and expecting (are you seeing the trend here:)) is taking first place:

In closing circle hearing Cheryl's story about her IB and Zone students, "IB...

The gift of vulnerability

Posted by Kelly Lewis Share Your Voice

Vulnerability - what I am most grateful for this Thanksgiving! Between our wrap up conversation on Tuesday and listening to a great TED talk by Brene Brown Tuesday night - it hit me! A word that helped me put language to something I had been feeling. Vulnerability - doing something where...

My measuring stick

Posted by Kelly Lewis Share Your Voice

Accountability (of self) and allowance (of other) has been quite present for me this week. A week that has been filled with some struggle in my own leadership and learning journey:) My struggle has been between wanting (and at times expecting) to experience others as their best selves (and...

I can only open my door

Posted by Jay Markiewicz Share Your Voice

There is a structure in life that I use to inform my experiences with the intent to find a new perspective of choice. I call it the swinging door. Imagine that I have a door within me. Imagine that the person(s) I am in relationship with also have a door within them. The possibilities that I...

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