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Eleanor shares her experience.



"My experience in the Leaders as Learners program was the most influential leadership, emotional learning and true growth experiences I have received in my career. It made me much more open and self-aware and allowed me to feel very empowered to make positive decisions in my professional and personal life. Molly Souter Executive Producer, The Martin Agency

"Bounce made me understand that in order for one to be a leader, one must first learn to lead themselves. This has been a wonderful experience." Brian Mount Producer, The Martin Agency

"I am aware of my emotions throughout the day. Knowing my emotions is allowing me to make better decisions with the actions I take." Steve Neff Senior Global Supply Manager, Pfizer

4 days after training I was able to have a different conversation with someone very important to me, I was able to avoid a lot of the pitfalls that we discussed. This fostered a new environment for me and the other person that never existed before," Marcus Williams Manager, Capital One

"Finally, I have been involved in a training program with a focus on 100% openness, transparency, and authenticity of self in a safe and secure environment where I was able to participate and learn from others. This has given me a tool set that not only I can use, I can teach to and influence my customers to create openness. " Michael Neary Manager, Capital One

"BOUNCE gave me the opportunity to stand in the face of uncertainty and show up at my best." Amy Ripley Manager, Capital One

"Bounce provides a meaningful way to connect what kids need with what schools do. Before kids can truly excel at reading and writing they must have the opportunity to explore who they are through thinking and being." Art Raymond Principal, Moody Middle School

"School teaches us how to be independent students. That's good but everywhere else in our lives we need to learn how to be people that work with other people. That is what Bounce does - it is our course in being human". 6th grade student Moody Middle School

"I have grown a lot because I now am taking responsibility for me, for my actions, and for my attitude" 6th grade student Moody Middle School

"I learned that there is unique potential in everybody that can ultimately shape the future of our world. I am able to understand myself in a deeper perspective and see others on a new level." Nivi 8th grade student, Moody Middle School

"I'm noticing that there is a whole new level of what I could bring to my work and my school" 7th grade teacher, Moody Middle School

"At Northwestern Mutual we needed help teaching our leaders how to use emotional intelligence combined with business skill to solve problems. Bounce provided us with a strong curriculum that focused on interactive learning and self-discovery that changed the way the leaders in our organization made decisions and has created better bottom-line results." Christinia McClung Chief Recruiting Officer, Northwestern Mutual

"SOHO (Space of Her Own) is a program that is all about creating new spaces for girls. As an arts organization, we know how to do that with paint and fabric and materials. Bounce jumped in to create a thoughtful, challenging, flexible curriculum that shaped and energized our life skills program. The weekly topics for discussion and activities were carefully designed to create even more valuable new spaces - in the hearts and minds of the girls and mentors who participate in SOHO." Sally KempDirector of Community Outreach, Visual Arts Center

"Bounce plays a significant role in supporting Richmond area school leaders as they plan for success in the coming school year. Participating principals thoroughly valued your facilitative skills. One principal recently noted, "Their knowledge was exactly what we needed! Excellent job of listening to our needs." EduLead a regional partnership in educational leadership

"BOUNCE challenged me to explore my strengths, fears, weaknesses all in the name of my growth and development as a leader. It created the space for me to explore these things with the right blend of challenge and encouragement." Jason Bane Vice President, Virginia Credit Union

"This has been an amazing journey for me this year. It has helped me to overcome my fear of talking with those I don't know well. It has also given me a big passion for teaching the aspects learned to others." Karen Systems Engineer, Virginia Credit Union

"When invited to join the program I wondered if I could really do this---and finish it. Now I can't imagine my life without the lessons and tools I've learned here. This has been one of the most challenging and rewarding adventures I've taken." Alicia Communications Manager, Comfort Zone Camp

"I've grown from this experience in my ability to transfer keeping the energy up in the [middle school] classroom to keeping the energy up with my team. From the leadership group sessions, I've learned to think about the others' perspective and taking time to try to understand or ask about their perspective." Eleanor Rouse, Executive Director, Higher Achievement