Leadership Services: Organizations

We know that when intellect and skill meet emotion, people excel.

Our services provide you the approach, tools, and experience to build a powerful workforce and prosperous organization.

A workforce where all members know themselves and take ownership for managing complexity and driving change. An organization where the competitive advantage is your people.

Bounce builds custom experiences to help you create the change you are seeking. Below are examples we've created for other organizations.

Leadership Classes

Two-hour to two-day learning experiences that provide a combination of skill building and practice in the human art of leadership.

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Emotional Intelligence is the foundation for impactful leadership. Through an experiential tour of the four domains of "EI," your leaders will develop a deeper understanding of themselves, their relationships with others, and their capacity to drive change. They will develop the foundation to:

  • Discover their unique potential and vulnerabilities
  • Use their emotions as data
  • Expand their perspectives
  • Make better decisions
  • Manage stress, conflict, and change with greater ease

Leader as Coach

Do your managers have the necessary skills to engage, develop, and empower those they lead? To maximize the productivity, morale, and loyalty of the people they manage?  This experience affords managers the basic coaching skills they need to:

  • Be successful in the role of manager
  • Give, receive, and appreciate constructive feedback
  • Listen actively with compassion
  • Shift from offering an answer to asking a powerful question
  • Build the foundation to transition from manager to leader

When Problem Solving is Not Enough: The Power of Polarity Thinking

Is your organization stuck in the middle of competing demands? Do solutions seem exactly right and then stop working after a short time? Do you make a team decision, and think it’s all settled, only to have the same issue come up repeatedly? When problem-solving is not creating sustainable results, we offer a new perspective. Competing values (also known as polarities) are common interpersonal and organizational tensions always present in our work and in our lives. Trying to fix them wastes time, money, and energy. Polarities exist not to be fixed, but to be leveraged through BOTH/AND thinking and polarities mapping. This experience enables you to:

  • Discover the prevalence of polarities in your organization, work, and daily life
  • Understand why polarities produce conflict
  • See problems through a new perspective
  • Identify early warning signs and action steps
  • Leverage polarities to create sustainable results

Read more here about leaders and organizations who used polarities to successfully navigate change.

Shift Happens: Moving From Drama to Empowerment

The human brain is wired to notice and respond to problems. This problem-focused approach to working and living can result in unnecessary dysfunction and drama. The Empowerment Dynamic enables your leaders to:

  • Distinguish between a problem and outcome orientation
  • Recognize their habitual patterns of behavior and the roles they play in these patterns
  • Understand the change necessary to succeed at work and in life
  • Shift how they perceive and manage challenging situations

Bringing Courage to Work

Everyone in your organization has the capacity for courage. Yet not everyone recognizes or practices the different aspects of courage required in everyday work and life. This learning experience offers your leaders:

  • Individual courage profiles that promote awareness and action
  • Opportunities to explore strengths and challenges
  • Tools for engaging more courageously in the face of daily demands


Sometimes the only thing open about the "open door policy" is the door.   To fully leverage your organization's capacity for innovation and its ability to drive change, an open environment must be cultivated.  This experience will foster a common language in your organization and empower your leaders and work force with:

  • Awareness around the many dimensions of openness
  • New appreciation for the value of diversity of thought
  • Increased willingness to share new ideas and feedback
  • Ability to break down barriers to implementation

Leadership Programs

Intensive two to eight month long programs that provide foundational knowledge, practice through community service, and 1/1 or group coaching.

Leaders as Learners: Diverse Organizations

The foundational ingredient in successful leadership is self-awareness. And the best learning takes place in community with others. This 8-month program offers mid-career leaders fundamental education in self-awareness, emotional intelligence, confidence, and conflict management. Leaders practice what they are learning through peer coaching, and identifying a person (often in their organization) who wants to be mentored. While inspiring their mentees to know themselves and unleash their impact, business leaders cultivate:

  • A deepened understanding of personal strengths and vulnerabilities
  • An appreciation for diverse gifts and perspectives
  • Innovative approaches to bring out the best in people
  • Greater ability to manage interpersonal conflict and influence others

Leaders as Learners: Internal to an Organization

The most important ingredient in successful leadership is self-awareness. And the best learning takes place in community with others. This program offers leaders fundamental education in emotional intelligence; practice through servant based leadership that is customized for your organization; and coaching that provides leaders the accountability necessary to affect personal and cultural change. While impacting their community, business leaders cultivate:

  • A deepened understanding of personal strengths and vulnerabilities
  • An appreciation for diverse gifts and perspectives
  • Innovative approaches to bring out the best in people
  • Greater ability to manage interpersonal conflict and influence others

Parents as Learners

Who we are at work impacts who we are at home, and vice versa. At times in any career, being a better parent at home is more urgent than being a better leader at work. Our action-based curriculum is designed to tap each parent's unique expertise to create the strong family relationships and meaningful family experiences they desire. This program enables parents to see and affirm the gifts they and their children bring and to understand the challenges and opportunities of each developmental stage. In learning how to be a more effective parent, they also learn how to bring the best of their parenting skills (e.g., encouragement, accountability) to their work. Parents as Learners is an innovative program that gives parents the authentic connection with self they need to become the leaders and the role models they want to be — both at home and at work.

Leadership Engagements

Engagements that provide a different perspective, accountability, and support.

One on One

Imagine facing your challenges with a strategic partner who offers encouragement, accountability, support, challenge, and honest feedback—someone who asks provocative questions that bring clarity and new possibilities.  Coaching is a customized, results-oriented process that strengthens a leader's ability to create the outcomes they want in both professional and personal arenas.  Bounce coaching sessions are conducted by phone or in person and generally focus on developing a leader's ability to assess and manage challenges and priorities while strengthening their leadership potential. 


Teams are often made up of talented individuals who perform well on their own and may not have the skills to bring their best when they work as a team. Team Coaching is designed to enable intact teams to realize greater impact through developing mutual respect, trust, communication skills, self awareness, appreciation of one another's strengths, and shared structures for collaboration.


Coaching groups are designed to provide individuals from diverse work groups a supportive, challenging, and non-judgmental learning community to grow themselves and their leadership capacity. Group coaching facilitates focused and powerful conversations that are not readily available elsewhere in participants' lives. Individuals benefit from listening to and learning from one another's challenges and successes. Participants walk away with greater awareness of their own gifts, new tools and wisdom shared by others, and a community of support for their ongoing learning and development.

Organizational and Individual Assessments

(Leadership Circle 360, Change Style Indicator, Conflict Dynamics Profile, MBTI)

We all have our own unique perspective and our blind spots. Assessments can offer a new lens for seeing yourself, your team, and your organization. Bounce's coaches are credentialed in a wide array of assessment tools and we partner with you to determine which assessments will be most effective in meeting your specific needs. Some examples of our preferred 360 tools include:

  • The Leadership Circle
  • Leadership Practices Inventory
  • Conflict Dynamics 360
  • The Leadership Culture Survey
  • TILT 365
  • Polarities Assessment for Continuity and Transformation

A variety of other assessments are valuable to understand individual strengths and styles, as well as how team members can best work together. These include:

  • Myers Briggs Type Inventory
  • Strengths Finder
  • Conflict Dynamics Profile
  • Change Style Indicator
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relationship Orientation (FIRO-B)
  • VIA Signature Strengths
  • Emotional Intelligence (EIQ16)
  • Visual Imagery Stimuli
  • Hogan Personality Inventory
  • Motives, Values, & Preferences Inventory

Tell us about your unique needs and we'll help you identify and implement the right assessment tool to get you the results you need.

Key Note Speeches

Does your organization need a extra dose of motivation to help tackle that next big challenge? A keynote presentation may be:

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Leading with Courage
  • Stressproofing Your Life
  • Shifting from a Problem to an Outcome Focus
  • Leadership Authenticity
  • Building a Strengths-Based Team
  • Leading with Values
  • Using Visual Imagery to Empower the Path of Change
  • Polarities Management: Embracing Both/And Thinking
  • Powerful Listening, Powerful Questions