Our Passion

We are change agents, leadership coaches, educators, parents, learners, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. Deeply passionate about our work, we bring a breadth of relevant experience, knowledge and expertise. 

The Bounce Collective offers a consortium of coaches and consultants who:

·      Work independently and together

·      Learn from one another

·      Lean on one another’s areas of expertise

·      Share state-of-the-art tools, research, and articles to ensure impact for our clients

·      Challenge one another’s thinking

·      Partner when necessary to meet varied and complex client needs

Why Us?

  • We live what we do. It is our daily practice to explore our challenges, celebrate our gifts, and commit to our growth.
  • We know that to build a better world, we must start with ourselves. Through our example, we inspire others to follow…and then to lead.
  • We invest in the leaders of today and tomorrow, from the confident CEO to the shy 6th grader.
  • We see every young person, woman, and man as a human being of enormous potential.
  • We shift perspectives. With a unique blend of support and challenge, we empower leaders with the awareness to see themselves and others in different ways.
  • We see the whole person. Our work encompasses every domain of the human experience-the body, the mind, the heart, and the spirit.
  • We offer the knowledge, tools, and experiences to uncover what each individual needs to be successful.
  • We look at learning and change from a systems point of view, focused on creating change both individually and collectively.
  • We are experienced leaders in the fields of business, healthcare, and education. The best coaches are themselves accomplished leaders. We are uniquely positioned to meet your needs.

Our Expertise

We ground our work in a blend of philosophies from the fields of:

  • Adult development
  • Organizational development
  • Behavioral sciences
  • Leadership Development

Chris Argyris: Double Loop Learning.

Double-loop learning enables us to reflect on our experiences, and to choose consciously instead of just repeating what didn't work the last time.

Robert Kegan: Adult Development.

Kegan's work on Adult Development teaches us about how the way we see the world changes over the course of adulthood, creating new possibilities for growth and effectiveness.

Daniel Goleman: Emotional Intelligence.

Goleman's model for Emotional Intelligence helps to make accessible a set of "soft" skills such as self awareness and relationship management that enhance success in work, home, and our communities.

Howard Gardner: Multiple Intelligences.

Gardner's work suggests that there are many ways to learn, and that we will experience the greatest ease and sustainability when our natural talents are matched to the environment in which we function.

Kurt Lewin: Action Learning.

Action learning is a commitment to self-observation and reflection as ways to understand how we function in and learn from our actions in social environments.

Robert Greenleaf: Servant Leadership.

Greenleaf's "servant leadership" captures the kind of leader who makes a conscious choice to put service to others first, thereby inspiring and evoking the best in others.

Barry Johnson: Polarity Management.

Many of our most significant challenges lie in managing and balancing two competing values, which is readily done through Johnson's approach to Polarities Management.

David Emerald (Womeldorff): The Empowerment Dynamic.

Womeldorff's work on The Empowerment Dynamic provides an understanding of the cost of problem-based thinking, and offers powerful strategies for shifting into a more powerful, outcome-focused mindset.