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A Powerful Shift of Perspective

Posted by Ann Deaton Share Your Voice


We are naturally wired to see what's wrong---to perceive risk, to notice a threat, to react. It's easy, it's natural, and it's limited.

Risk Taking: Moving From Self-Sufficiency to Interdependence, and Back Again

Posted by Ann Deaton Share Your Voice


I grew up self-sufficient. We had five kids in my family, busy parents, and plenty of challenges. By the time I was six and in first grade, I could...

Living Lent - Day 1

Posted by Kelly Lewis Share Your Voice


Day 1 of a 40 day Feast.

Drive: What Makes Us Do the Things We Do

Posted by Ann Deaton Share Your Voice


Dan Pink's book Drive is driving (pardon the pun) some incredible conversations these days....

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