Living Lent - Days 29-33

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Last week I spent a good portion of my time changing addresses, disconnecting utilities, looking at apartments, packing boxes, and choosing new plumbing fixtures.  You guessed it.  We are moving and it looks like I have an opportunity to move on. 

In 10 days, we will be moving out of the house that I grew up in.  As I shared in a recent post, I have spent 36 of my almost 40 years with this house.  The first fourteen years I spent in it as the youngest daughter of three, the little sister, and a little girl exploring independence inside of the safety and challenge of family.  The next fourteen years I spent from a far as a young woman discovering life and what it has to offer.  And the last ten of those years I re-entered, as the home owner, an evolving woman, grateful wife, loving friend, angry daughter, confused sister, and driven business owner.

It is looking like the choice to move coupled with my choice to give up waiting for Lent is offering me much more than a few month "staycation" in the Fan and a beautiful new home.  It is offering me the choice to move on.  The wise Forest Gump once said, "My mama always said you've go to put the past behind you before you can move on."  It looks like it is my time to put the past behind me - not to forget, but to choose happiness over the hurt.  

I guess I would say that I am pretty good at holding on.   Not necessarily to physical stuff (I am constantly pleading guilty to throwing my husband's stuff away:)) but to emotional stuff.   You know the stuff that I am talking about?  The "my childhood wasn't easy" or "I wish that had been different" or "I can't believe I did that" stuff.   

SssssOooooo.  As I continue packing up boxes and letting go of the physical stuff that we can't or don't want to take with us, I am going to let go of the old emotional stuff that I don't want to take with me either.  I hope that as we begin writing the next chapter in our book called Life, I will enter as an evolving woman, authentically intimate wife, loving friend, compassionate daughter, caring sister, and a courageously creative business owner. 

I am discovering the opposite of waiting, MOVING ON, and for that (and many many other people, places, and experiences) I am grateful!  

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Small Kelly Lewis Hello! Here are a few things that I have found support me in creating the life I want, keeping myself in check, and leading with courage and compassion: a slow walk with my hubby and our pups, my work, honesty with myself, the smile of another, and mother nature.


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