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Wow...did I have the opportunity to witness leadership this week! Our Leaders as Learners group was over at Moody on Tuesday for a day of practicing leadership while in service to their 6th graders. The topic this week was "What lights you up?". A topic that Peter Benson describes as one's Spark.

Two themes came up during our group coaching session (the same themes that have consistently weaved their way into our conversations over the past 6 months.):
1. Sharing who they are with others (perhaps having to courageously step into the world of feeling vulnerable)
2. Seeing others for who they really are (perhaps having to compassionately see thru some of their muck and yuck).

These 12 people have courageously and compassionately stepped into that and I was honored to witness them and their leadership on Tuesday.

And for all of us, I hope we are seeing sparks in everyone (even the people that make it difficult) this week and are sharing and shining our own brightly in our leadership and life.



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