Liberty Man

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“Liberty Man” is the highlight of my afternoon car pool routine (next to the joy of transporting 7 tired children from school, of course :)). At the corner of Meadow and Broad, stands an urban vision. Wearing a Statue of Liberty costume, a sign advertising tax services, and the most authentic smile I’ve ever seen, Liberty Man (as my kids have coined him) is the definition of a true leader. For hours, in all kinds of weather, this man waves at commuters, shining his light without hesitation.
Everyday, I am struck by the metaphor of his liberty costume. He is a true symbol of freedom—completely transparent, void of concerns about titles and roles. He is just as happy as he can be promoting goodness in the world, making people smile—and selling tax services.
Yesterday, I caught a red light at the corner of Meadow and Broad which gave me and my kids the opportunity to chat with Liberty Man. “You’re awesome,” I said. “I love my job!” he exclaimed. And we all cheered.
Whatever we do, in whatever way we are called to contribute, when we do it as who we really are, we are leading. And we inspire in others the passion to do the same. Lead on, Liberty Man! And thank you.



Kelly L. said:

That is awesome! Nicki - thank you for the great visual, a new perspective, and smile!

03/05/2011 at 04:49 am

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