Leading the Way to a Cure

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Last weekend found me amid hundreds of walkers, strollers, balloons, and award-winning t-shirts on a beautiful day as we shared a vision for curing Juvenile Diabetes. Type 1, or Juvenile, diabetes results when the pancreas loses its ability to produce insulin. Insulin is one of the basic hormones we need to stay alive so a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes means a person has to test their blood sugar levels several times a day and take insulin by injection or an insulin pump.  Type 1 diabetes most often has its onset in childhood----the reason our walk included toddlers in strollers as well as their siblings, parents, friends, and others, all walking in hopes of raising the money necessary to find a cure. I've walked in the Richmond JDRF annual walk many times before and the inspiration I felt last Saturday was not a stranger to me. Each individual walking commits their energy both on the day of the walk and before to raise money that will fund the research necessary for a cure. Those I spent the afternoon with included young people who had raised their friend's awareness, parents who encourage their children to follow a daily routine that their peers cannot imagine, and medical professionals whose caring for their patients goes well beyond the exam room. I followed these amazing leaders, and look forward to celebrating with them when the cure is found.

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